Us travel advisory bali 2012

us travel advisory bali 2012

Smoke haze may affect your health and travel patch pes 2014 kaskus plans.
Vessels are advised to proceed with extreme caution when approaching all Libyan oil terminals and ports. .Source: Egypt Travel Report.Verify the applicable fee with immigration officials, airport authorities or your travel service provider.The Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology monitors active volcanoes to ensure that residents are provided with an early warning should unusual activity occur.Recent terrorist attacks have occurred in the border region, where extremists have kidnapped Westerners, most recently two Italians and a Canadian citizen in September 2016.Check that your taxi is official, as unscrupulous operators can have vehicles that look similar to those run by reputable companies.Some drinks, particularly those containing liquor, may contain methanol or other harmful substances.
Credit cards are not widely accepted outside of large urban centres and tourist areas.
Natural disasters, severe weather and climate Natural disasters occur in Indonesia.Night driving in rural areas is dangerous, as most rural roads are unlit and some drivers do not use lights.Never let your card out of your sight, including for transactions in restaurants.More information: EU list of banned airlines Fatal air crashes involving the Indonesian carrier Susi Air occurred in April 2012, November 2011 and September 2011.Casa does not assess the safety of Indonesian carriers operating within Indonesia or to countries other than Australia.Example: On, terrorists attacked a Starbucks Cafe and police post in Central Jakarta, detonating bombs and exchanging gunfire.