Windows 8.1 start screen picture

windows 8.1 start screen picture

To change your Start screen background: Hover the mouse in the lower-right corner to open the.
To clarify the difference between the background and accent color, please look at the screenshot below.You can then use the color selector bar to choose a new background (outer color) and accent color (inner color) for your machine.Right-clicking an app At the bottom of the screen, click Unpin from Start.Because the default image on new machines is also the Seattle Space Needle, this screen may initially seem indistinguishable from the user lock red bull tv player screen.Clicking Change PC settings.Wow, there's a remarkable amount of confusion on this thread, probably caused by the way Windows 8 automatically remembers the last login and has both a lock screen and a login screen.
Start screen has a different wallpaper from the.But hopefully you won't have to do this until you decide to change this lock screen again.This document explains how to change the background image for your lock screen(s) and the background color of your login screen(s) in Windows.If this value already exists, proceed to the next step.These are the space needle pictures. .You do not need to press any Save buttons.