Xoops cube legacy 2.1.7

xoops cube legacy 2.1.7

Therefore, even if you applied a hot fix for the bug.1.4, you may upgrade.1.5 without special steps.
Fix Bug # a typo in Japanese Help.
If you're using Package_Legacy.1.x, there are not reasons that you don't upgrade your site.1.5.
By that, it seems that.1.5 is very stable.Fix Bug # xoopsConfig doesn't referer mXoopsConfig in some cases.So the project will keep efforts on head of the Package_Legacy module of CVS.Pinstallhtmlxoops Cube - - Fix Bug # SmileEditAction include multi byte comment.Fix Bug # When a user deletes his account, principal is not created.You may close the site in the control panel to hide your upgrading.Fix Bug # cannot get user object.Patch # Czech message catalog for XCL.Upgrade from., remove p and /install directory from the package not to break your current environment.In Legacy_Controller parseUrl - Fix Bug # Invalid xhtml templates in legacy module.
This version tried ikariam hack resource hack to contain many fixes to become last maintenance release, so RC test schedule was very very long.
Fix Bug # X_uactlink is missing used in some languages.
XCube - Fix Bug # XC_class_exists loops infinity.Fix Bug # Invalid Regexp at User_AbstractUserEditForm class.Xoops Cube Legacy (Package_Legacy).1.5 is available.Fix Bug # Can't register new account by #2011775.Staff - aaki - fugafuga - gijoe - gusagi - JardaR - jidaikobo - kilica - marijuana - MAT - mikhail - minahito - nbuy (aka nobu) - nobunobu - okuhiki - onokazu - tohokuaiki - Tom_G3x, changes, bug Fix - From Bug Tracker.Patch # Package_Legacyhtml - new portuguese translations - Patch # extra_languages - new pt_utf8 translations - patch # missing: XUpgrade and system pt language files - Patch # Path disclosure in p (pt_utf8) - Patch # legacyRender: update for Portuguese Files - Request #.