Zero percentile missed iit kissed russia ebook

zero percentile missed iit kissed russia ebook

Now, with computers and with blogs and twitter, many of above ground pool volume calculator litres us are telling stories on line, he says.
Chhibbas debut book might not strike a chord with book lovers, so he has try harder next time.When Neeraj Chhibba, the author of this book, contacted me to ask if I can review his book, I was not sure about.Not only print errors, there are a few places where Pankaj contradicts himself.When he is traveling to Russia, he is clearly a non-vegetarian, but he mentions about converting from vegetarian to non-vegetarian after landing in Russia.Rating: 2 and a half, the book is way better than its prequel and is well organised with a fine st of the main leads are from the prequel but new entrants like Jaanvee and San are well drawn too.The book goes on to tell us his experience in Russia, his financial struggle and his love life.Zero Percentile is about Pankaj, a young lad who is like any other typical boy.The book actually reads like a diary of a young man.Pankaj himself comes across as a two dimensional character.The very first thing I noticed about the book is its striking similarity to Chetan Bhagats.
I didn't want it to be preachy so there is a story along with it, he smiles.
The book starts with his birth and gives us a detailed view of how his life turns out.
An accident quashes his hopes and he has to console himself with something else.Pankaj is the apple of the eye back home and gets a special treatment by being sent to a public school whereas his sisters have to be satisfied with going to government school.Neeraj, whose brain is buzzing with ideas hopes to write more books and tell more stories.Writer Neeraj Chhibba Photo Credit: -arrangement, june 07, 2010 19:31 IST, updated: June 07, 2010 19:31 IST.Nitins HIV episode, Pankajs stint as a salesman and.All-in-all its a light nice read.His aim in life is to get into IIT and he works hard towards.